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Areas of expertise

We deliver a tailored approach to all our clients which ensures the best possible result for every sector

The team at FLD has over 40 years experience delivering financial advice to a wide variety of businesses. Our training courses are custom built for every sector on every level to ensure great results every time.



Our team interfaces with the executive decision makers within your organization, putting together the best Financial Literacy training for your team. We take your vision for a well-educated and financially responsible workforce and bring it to life. Contact us to find out more.



Whatever population you serve, we can help. Bringing financial literacy and knowledge to those who need it the most is our passion and our specialty. Contact us to learn more about how we can help bring financial education to your organization.


Dental/Medical Practices

Running a practice can be daunting; we are here to help. Specializing in financial training for dentists, doctors, chiropractors, and more, the FLD team can help navigate the nuances and challenges of operating a practice so you can focus on what you do best - helping people. Contact us  to learn more.


Child Care

FLD is the ideal training and guidance for those who devote their time and talents to caring for our young. Working either remotely or on-site, we come to you and help raise the financial knowledge of your team. Often, this added benefit can be the differentiating factor in employee retention for you, and peace of mind for your staff. Contact us and schedule a meeting with one of our experts now.


Service Industry

The FLD team brings extensive knowledge of the service industry to each workshop we offer. With diverse backgrounds and staff from all walks of life, we know that a tailor-made financial literacy course can make the difference in employee retention and reliability. Contact us  to learn about our courses for your team.



We offer onsite classes for inmate populations across the country. Helping both those recently released and those awaiting release to prepare for the outside world; our financial education and training adds a critical piece to the puzzle. Contact us  to learn more.

Organizations we have helped 

We were approached by the executive leadership team of the largest specialty flooring retailer in the United States, whose CEO and Chief Counsel are both strong advocates for financial literacy. Collaborating with their team, we put together a customized 90-minute Zoom workshop for their staff to attend from their offices around the country.


The company has since asked us to put together online, Financial Literacy training modules that they can incorporate into their online learning portal, serving as a financial wellbeing resource above and beyond most private employers’ typical benefit offerings.

Chaminade & Kellenberg High Schools

For nearly fifteen years, two of the most prestigious private high schools on Long Island, Chaminade and Kellenberg, have invited our team to present a financial literacy workshop. Working with representatives of the Marianist community in the Province of Meribah, we have helped over 10,000 young men and women financially prepare for their venture out into society.


Our leadership team is regularly reminded by students, staff, and parents at these institutions of the high degree of value they have received from their time with us.

The Wine Kitchen Properties

Jason Miller, Founder and Owner of The Wine Kitchen Properties, reached out to our organization about a financial literacy seminar for his staff. With restaurants in multiple states and a diverse background of employees, this training was customized to allow for added Q&A sessions to ensure all participants received the maximum value from the course.


Engaging with people from all walks of life is where our course shines brightest, and Jason’s team would readily agree.

SCO Family of Services

Working together with a large community bank, we were referred to SCO Family of Services – one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the New York Metropolitan Area. With our team already having significant time and resources invested with this great organization, the partnership around a financial literacy course was a no-brainer. Through several planning sessions, our team built a tailored program, and the SCO program directors hand selected a group of individuals to participate in a financial literacy course.


We were approached immediately afterwards by the supervising program directors, and at their request completed a follow up session within two weeks to offer additional guidance and financial support for their attendees.

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